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Date: Thursday May 19, 2011 11:24:32 AM
Name: Jeremy Simon
Email: thunderbolt72@yahoo.com

Rusty and Scott-
my wife booked this trip for us as a birthday present/8th grade graduation for our son Jacquob.
The boys had been deep sea fishing once before and didn't catch anything- this trip was amazing!
For Jerod and I, it was our first saltwater trip and the biggest fish ever caght for Jared, Ethan, and Ethan (and the first real big fish for the boys!) and I am thrilled at the Skipjack I brought in- It was more exciting than any other fish I've ever caught!
The whole day was awesome and you both helped to make it even better- I can't imagine going out with a different boat or crew now- the smiles on the boys faces was worth every minute- Thank you both for everything you put into the day and making it such a great memory for us!  Jeremy, Jacquob, Ethan, Jerod

Date: Wednesday Apr 27, 2011 8:05:54 AM
Name: Ben, Deb and Ray Colello - Maine
Email: rcolello@maine.rr.com; bcolello@hawaii.edu

This trip was something we had planned all winter, for our time in  Hawai'i! You guys really put on a show for us, the ride was a bit rough to the "LL", but when we turned to fish back, the fish were everywhere! Our right  arms still ache and we have memories for a lifetime! Scotty was a one man show, baiting all five lines at once and Rusty kept us in the fighting chair for 6 hours! The mahi were all around and fighting the tuna for every scrap of bait. We even caught a 25 lb tuna on a dangling hook!  I think we counted close to 50 fish and hope they put a tank of fuel into Rusty's fishing machine, KuuloaKai. You guys are the best, and with Ben working in Hawaii, we will be seeing you again! Mahalo!

Date: Tuesday Sep 28, 2010 11:25:45 PM
Name: janice stambaugh
Email: steiners@centurytel.net

one of the best deep sea fishing charters i have ever been one   i know we had fun and i think capt and scotty did also   will book again if we ever go back to hawaii this wAS great and would recommend to any one in that area   thanks guys      janice and bill stambaugh

Date: Friday Jul 9, 2010 2:59:36 PM
Name: Michael Bekes
Email: trbekes@hotmail.com

Rusty and Scott,

Thanks for a great day of catching fish, especially for first timers.   We heard experiences of long rough days at sea with little action.   Yeah, the seas were rough, but Rusty and Scott kept us in the action.  Numerous yellowfin and aku caught, and a couple mahimahi.  We would have hoped for a few bigger fish, but the sharks and porpoise made this a tough endeavor.  No worries, we enjoyed the time.  The fish were also good eating later that night.

Great service.  You worked your tails off getting us into good spots and you both appeared to enjoy your work.  I definitely recommend your charter.

Mike, Evan and Haili

Date: Tuesday Jun 22, 2010 5:58:49 PM
Name: Bruce wilkinson
Email: lawmen64616@mypacks.net

Rusty and Scott,
Thanks again for a great day of catching fish!  You guys don't fish; you catch fish!  Kai said he would go again; even after the ride into the waves and wind on the way home!  Kai's comment after his first fish; "that was fun", I will remember forever.
Thanks agian,

Date: Sunday Jun 6, 2010 5:23:15 PM
Name: Thomas Breard
Email: tbreard@bellatlantic.net

23 May 2010

Rusty, Scott- Awesome Charter! 350+pounds of fish in 3 hours of catching!!

Yes, the weather and seas were rough.  Seas were at least  10-12 if not 15-16; 25 mph winds when we left dock at 5:30 am, increased as the day went on-  but it was May in Hawaii and that is what you.

I get sea sick on every deep sea fishing / dive trip - yet I did not get sick on this trip- no drugs, patches or bands-  just a damn good Captain with a smooth riding fish catching machine. If you are prone to seasickness, as I am,  stay on the bridge, enjoy the music, panoramic views, listen to the wonderfully entertaining, highly opinionated ponderings of the Captain while watching your friends catch fish.  The ride on the bridge is worth the price of admission!
My thanks again to the Captain Rusty, his seamanship skills and a great riding boat!  Captain Rusty did everything he could to make my ride as comfortable as possible.

Only two fish that were hooked were lost, due to inexperience on our part and First Mate Scott  patiently showed us how to stay hooked,  work the gear and land the fish. Scott did a superior job at keeping our lines baited, untangled and managed to direct the landing of numerous multiple hook ups.

The trip was worth every penny! We have been talking about the trip every day since! There is no price to great for these memories.  

I will charter with Rusty and Scott again.

Date: Monday Apr 12, 2010 7:33:56 PM
Name: Barry Van Couwenberghe
Email: barryvv@att.net

Rusty and Scott, You guys ROCK!
If anybody has the desire for the best and the  toughest crew I've ever seen on a charter boat there is only one obvious choice! These two guys worked their butts off in high wind and rough sea and always kept us in the fish. There was never a dull moment on board the boat and I admit I was wore out!! (I think It's the bananas I brought on board that brought us luck!) ...just kidding, Rusty!

Date: Wednesday Feb 24, 2010 11:06:39 AM
Name: Johnny B
Email: h@waii.us
Website: http://www.hawaiian-shirt.net

Planning a trip off season, never done deep sea fishing and am dying to try. Which end of the off season is best? Mahalo!

Date: Saturday Nov 21, 2009 2:04:14 PM
Name: Don, Rifle, CO
Email: HOOKEDon1@sopris.net

Rusty and Scot,

We didn't get into any Blues, but once we landed the barracuda ... I was convinced you guys don't have any quit in you!  Nice job to both of you... hope we can get back together and go after that marlin!

Date: Tuesday Oct 6, 2009 9:56:32 AM
Name: Rod Forester
Email: rod_forester@yahoo.com

Captain Rusty and his crew are real fisherman.  When we hooked that marlin on such light line Captain Rusty did a great job of maneuvering the boat and keeping me in a great position to land it.  My hats are off to Captain Rusty and his crew this is defiantly the best charter I have ever been on.  I highly recommend them they don't just cruse around the ocean, its a real fishing adventure.

Rod Forester
De Soto Mo.

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