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Date: Saturday Apr 14, 112 4:42:59 PM
Name: Jason Hendricks
Email: jthendri1337@gmail.com

Captain Rusty and Scott are great dudes and they know exactly what they are doing. We hauled 25 tuna today and had an excellent time. I wouldn't recommend anyone else on island but these guys! look no further!!

Date: Monday Mar 12, 112 8:53:26 PM
Name: Kabet Sterk
Email: ksterkmd@comcast.net

3 trips to Hawaii and 4 trips out with Rusty and Scott.  Each time out has been a pleasure. I just can't say enough good things about these guys. Even my non-fishing wife has a great time on the charters.  Can't wait to go out again, but reluctantly, I guess I'll have no choice.

Kabet Sterk

Date: Wednesday Feb 8, 112 9:19:53 AM
Name: Chad Bassman
Email: chad_bassman@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.chadbassmanphotography.com

Hey - if you want to see sharks, whales, dolphins, and catch a shipload of fish, Captain Rusty and brother Scott will take amazing care of you!!!  We had our hands full from the second the lines were in the water... 2 of the 4 anglers had to take breaks from their turn in the chair!  My left bicep was still sore 3 days later;) can't wait to get back aboard the Kuuloa Kai asap!!!

Check me out on Facebook or my website to see the amazing pictures of this trip...

Thanks again Rusty we used your recipe the same night for the shibi and everyone loved it!


Date: Saturday Jan 28, 112 1:23:07 PM
Name: Chad Hunsucker
Email: kiltit@gmail.com

Absolutely great time!  Captain Rusty and Scott are some super guys to go fishing with and even though it's the slow season, we landed 6 yellowfin and missed two others.  Great time!  Would recommend these guys over all others on Oahu.

Date: Saturday Nov 5, 111 1:16:34 AM
Name: Ed and Nancy Keegan Bob and Carol Dyrland
Email: enk1981@hotmail.com

We couldn't have asked for a better day - the weather was perfect, our hosts,
Rusty and Scott, were personable and knowledgeable and the fish cooperated! Thank you both for making our vacation on the North Shore such a memorable one!  By the way, we followed your advice and used the recipe you shared with us - the Mahi Mahi was delicious and we will be using the recipe again!

Date: Tuesday Nov 1, 2011 10:54:25 AM
Name: Kenny, John C, Johnny B, John D, Trey J, and Chris C.
Email: ksjura1@gmail.com
Website: http://www.kuuloakai.com/guestbook/

Aloha and Mahalo to Capt Rusty and Steve. We had a blast! Was a great way for some of us to say aloha and farewell to the island and for all of us to have one last trip together!

Thanks for taking us where all the fish were!

They guys!

Date: Friday Sep 30, 111 2:54:02 AM
Name: David & Stephanie Forbes
Email: david.forbes@gmail.com
Website: http://www.kuuloakai.com/guestbook/

We had an AWESOME time.  Hooked into three mahi mahi early in the morning and then cruised around and started catching a bunch of tuna.  Capt. Rusty and Steve were knowledgeable and very entertaining.  Time flew by so quick we were bummed to get off the boat.

I would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks again for adding an unforgettable memory to our honeymoon.

Hanapa'a!! - David & Steph

Date: Monday Sep 19, 2011 4:37:21 PM
Name: Bill Christopherson
Email: bill.christopherson@gcinc.com

The fishing might have been a little slow, 2 mahimahi but I still had a blast.  It was a great trip and made my vacation.  Captain Rusty and Scot were awesome and I would recommend them highly.  I just hope I can get back to Hawaii soon so I can do it all over again.  Thanks again for a fantastic trip.

Date: Tuesday Aug 30, 111 7:16:06 PM
Name: Mike and Susan
Email: harnessdennis@msn.com
Website: http://www.kuuloakai.com/guestbook/

Thank the both of you, ever so much. It was a total blast. I've been a fishaholic my entire life and this is one of the best days I've ever had. It was like going fishing with my buddies, but I didn't  get all my beer drank. We have even more incentive to return to this paradise, knowing it will include a day fishing with Capt. Rusty and Scot. You guys rock. To the oldies of course. Thanks again.

Date: Sunday Aug 21, 2011 6:24:07 PM
Name: Steven Douglas
Email: nanpap@verizon.net

Capt Rusty and Scott you guys are the bomb. this day of fishing made my vacation. My brothers and I nailed 12 mahimahi for one awsome time. Scott thanks for taking care of the sick ones (hahahaha) See you guys in october.

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