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Date: Wednesday Jun 5, 113 0:01:15 AM
Name: Brent & Kari Hoffmann
Email: whitegeese45@yahoo.com

Steve and Scott,

Thank you so much for the trip, my dream of finally catching a Mahi Mahi was finally realized.  Both of you guys were a blast to fish with, and if we ever make it back to Ohau, we will be definitely booking you again!!!

Next time we can shoot for that goal of putting 1,000lbs on fish on the boat!!

Thanks again,

The Newlyweds (as of June 1st)

Date: Wednesday May 29, 113 3:22:50 PM
Name: Tracy
Email: @gmail.com

R.I.P.  Rusty.  Much Mahalo for da fun trail rides !!!

Date: Thursday May 16, 113 9:15:11 PM
Name: lyle
Email: lyle808@aol.com

Good luck Capt Rusty, on your battle with cancer.
Former guest
Lyle and Loren

Date: Tuesday May 14, 2013 3:01:59 PM
Name: sam carnibucci
Email: samcarnibucci@roadrunner.com

Thanks Rusty-Steve-Scott for a great trip. Even though 2 out of 3 of us were hungover ( and a busted toe) we had a great day catching fish. I will be coming back and will recommend the boat/crew to anyone I run across.

Encinitas CA

Date: Monday Sep 24, 2012 8:13:50 PM
Name: Michael McGilton
Email: mcgiltomac@yahoo.com

Great experience!!! Could not have picked a better Crew or Boat; we loved it and for the whole "Shadow" team, I can say we will be back!!!!!

You Guys Rock


Date: Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 5:03:53 PM
Name: Courtney Carr
Email: ccarr@kanecompany.com

I've been on several charter boats in the past and this was one of the best. We had a good mix of action once things got rolling and were fortunate to have caught a blue marlin on the way in, my first. When the marlin hit, you could really see the teamwork between Capt. Rusty and Scott go into action. Rusty on the bridge piloting the boat and Scott on the lower deck making sure we did what was needed. Our sons, 10 and 13, were on their first trip and it couldn't have been more memorable.

Mahalo Rusty and Scott! Hope to see you in a few years to get the next big one.

Date: Tuesday Jun 12, 2012 5:24:14 AM
Name: Mike Shaffer
Email: codmal@sbcglobal.net

Tuesday June 5 2012
Thanks  Captain Rusty and Scott for a wonderful time on our 'hunt for the big one'. The action was phenominal, the experience on deep sea off Oahu was spectacular, and the company with my family and the crew made some memories that will last a lifetime.
I especially want to thank Captain Rusty for re-scheduling our trip. We had missed our original fish fishing trip a few days earlier due to bad weather and a missed flight. Capt. Rusty was kind enough to take us out Tuesday, even though he had scheduled a day off for the Kualoa Kai. You guys rock!
Mike, Mallory, Justin and Cody

Date: Sunday Jun 3, 112 10:06:56 PM
Name: Jeffrey Mathews
Email: jeffreymathews@mac.com

Well we hit it big on Thursday, May 31st, 2012.
Several Mahi, tuna and lost "the big one" but man oh man was it fun.  One of our guys got a bit sick, but he recovered towards the end of the day.  We even saw sharks trying to catch OUR catch!  

Rusty and Scott, thanks for a great time!  

Date: Friday May 11, 2012 3:14:42 AM
Name: Mark Ziemba
Email: mziemba1@twcny.rr.com

Aloha Captain Rusty, another great trip it's been. Just fininshing up some of the Mayo Mahi recipe you shared & the tuna steaks will never taste better. This outting is always the highlight of my visit and I'm sure my freinds will never forget it. 3 times out and they only seems to get better. Scott, thanks for all all your help and the wealth of knowledge you share.There is no better pain then waking up in the morning from batteling the fish that these brothers lead you to. See ya soon guys,    
Mahalo, Zeke  

Date: Friday Apr 27, 112 10:37:21 PM
Name: Jane St John
Email: stjohn_jane@yahoo.com

Had a great time fishing Thursday with Captain Rusty and Scott!  There were four of us fishing and we pulled in 19 fish!  Exciting stuff!! Our daughters friend Courtney got an82 lb. yellow fin tuna, biggest one so far this year :-)
We highly recommend this trip, great crew, great fishing.  

Thank you for the highlight to our Hawaii trip!
Brian, Jane, Angela and Courtney

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