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Date: Thursday May 8, 2003 6:31:55 PM
Name: Kim Gates
Email: Ggates2621@aol.com

I don't think I can say enough about our captain Rusty and his mate Scott. This crew works so hard for you to give you the trip of a lifetime, and believe me it was a fishing trip of a lifetime. I will forever remember this and the excitement of each moment. From the time we first started to book the trip, answering every question that anyone could possibly ask was answered. I have the nickname from Captain Rusty "a true boyscout", doing all my homework. Well, all this homework paid off because this crew is pure gold, as if hitting the lotto of fishing trips. My husband and Vanue, and Krishna, and myself were in fishing heaven. Even though I did get sea sick, I would not have missed this for the world (27 BIG Mahi, one ono, lots of the tuna, and a shark, and aku? and lots of shibi). I will leave the fishing story for my husband Mark to post as he tells a much better story than I do. I do know when I come back to Oahu, we will be rebooking with this crew. Even if we had not caught all the fish that we did, I still would compliment this crew and recommend them for any fishing trip. I also need to add that Captain Rusty and First Mate Scott's parents are very neat people and have raised two great son's. Thank you for making this such a golden memory on our silver anniversary. If any one has any questions about booking a fishing trip with Captain Rusty and first mate Scott I would be more than happy to tell you if you don't book with this crew you have truly missed an opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks so much I had a great time....Kim Gates

Date: Saturday Apr 26, 2003 7:33:04 PM
Name: John, Annette and Mary Murray
Email: rjohnmurray@hotmail.com

Great job on the boat. The weather here in the UK is bad and dreaming of another trip to Hawaii.

We thinks we caught your biggest Wahoo last year. How about a list of your stars of this year?

John, Annette and Mary

Date: Saturday Apr 19, 2003 5:53:04 PM
Name: Steve Mapua
Email: Steve.Mapua@GlobalTelesis.com
Website: http://www.GlobalTelesis.com

Hi Rusty & Scot,

Boy you guys are hot.  You must have done something to please the Sea gods.  Hope the hot streak stays hot for a long time.  Or, maybe its cause you guys are just the best charter around.

Can't wait to fish for the big Ahi this summer.  Looking forward to a workout.

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