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Date: Tuesday Jul 22, 2003 6:17:34 PM
Name: John Murray
Email: Rjohnmurray@hotmail.com

Hi guys. Tough luck the last couple of days. I reckon the fish know we're coming from"jolly old England" in just over 2 weeks. They're waiting to jump and stay on our hooks!!

Website continues to be the best


John, Annette and Mary

Date: Sunday Jul 13, 2003 10:45:49 AM
Name: Sam Orem
Email: sorem@drc.com

Capt Rusty and Scot,

Thanks again guys for a great day fishing.  What an awesome time we had. Being's that was my first time ever saltwater fishing, I really appreciated your patience in helping my son, Ken, and I understand what ocean fishing was about, and especially Scot answering all our questions.  We both have bragged to everyone about the effort you two put into seeing us catch fish and how much you enjoy your work.  And yes, I'm afraid that catching 33 big fish that day has really hooked me on saltwater fishing.  Now as I sit here at my desk in DC and look at the pictures we took, I can't wait to be back there on the Kuuloa Kai once again.  I don't' know when that next time will be but I'm sure there is a Marlin swimming in the waters off the North Shore with my name on it.  

Until next time.
Our best regards (hang loose)
Sam Orem

Date: Saturday Jul 12, 2003 6:15:09 PM
Name: David & Josh Crankshaw Jerry Gosnell
Email: jdjcrank@kdsi.net

Aloha Capt. Rusty & Scott

Made it back to Nebraska,  what can I say, You guys rock!!!!!!
Thanks for the double, hooked up before 6:00 and you even through
in a small appitizer for Jerry, until the next slam. What else can I say.
Those 2 Blue's were the talk of the rest of trip, even had to get pictures developed
that day. When I come back, count me in for a trip.

Dave, Josh & Jerry
P.S. Thanks for encouragement to Josh!!

Date: Tuesday Jul 8, 2003 9:30:04 PM
Name: John Murray
Email: rjohnmurray@hotmail.com

Less than 5 weeks to go. Can't wait!
See if we can start early for a change!

I feel a Marlin coming on!

See you soon

John Annette and Mary

Date: Tuesday Jun 24, 2003 11:12:33 PM
Name: Dave Brown
Email: browndg@phdnswc.navy.mil

Capt. Rusty

I achieved one of my lifetime goals by catching my first marlin.  As a repeat customer, it was better than the first.  Can't wait for my 3rd trip.

Stay cool and hang loose, baby!!!

Dave Brown

Date: Thursday Jun 19, 2003 3:16:34 PM
Name: Carol Denison
Email: carol_denison@hotmail.com

Way to go Steve what a catch! WOW Love Tom & carol D

Date: Wednesday Jun 11, 2003 9:05:05 PM
Name: Steve Manser
Email: alohahideaway@hawaii.rr.com

Aloha Rusty and Scot,

Well, you did an outstanding job of firing me up with your bi-annual fishing forecast (as if all of the scrapbook pictures didn't do it already). Looks like the Marlin are back in force!!! I've been hittin' the gym lately am think I'm ready for "The Big One"! We'll see ya on thursday.

Much Love & Aloha,

Date: Thursday Jun 5, 2003 2:10:19 PM
Name: Donna Mangan
Email: Lebaron38@aol.com

I think it's really neat that you have this web site & I was able to see the Newmeyer boys on their vacation with the catch of the day. Looks like everyone had a blast. I know Mike Newmeyer did! Thanks for sharing.

Date: Tuesday May 27, 2003 4:13:56 PM
Name: Buddy & Stacy Heath
Email: stacy.ruggiero-heath@mesa-air.com

Captain Rusty:  Buddy and I would like to thank you for an awesome fishing trip!!  Catching all those tuna, mahi mahi, the ono and of course my 41# barracuda made for exciting, fun filled day!!  It's too bad we lost that (estimated) 300# marlin.... however it gives us something to look forward to on our next trip!!!  We always chuckle as we recall your excitement filled words; he's goin' for the teaser!!  We had so much fun; we tell everyone the fishing trip was the highlight of our Hawaii trip!!   Of course this is a bit upsetting to me, since we did get married 2 days after our fishing trip!)  Since I work in the airline industry, many of my friends travel.... I always talk about you and Scott and suggest they visit Oahu to take a Big Game Fishing trip!  Best of luck and I hope you catch all those big ones!!  Hope to see you next year, for our one year anniversary!  Cheers, Stacy

Date: Thursday May 8, 2003 6:31:55 PM
Name: Kim Gates
Email: Ggates2621@aol.com

I don't think I can say enough about our captain Rusty and his mate Scott. This crew works so hard for you to give you the trip of a lifetime, and believe me it was a fishing trip of a lifetime. I will forever remember this and the excitement of each moment. From the time we first started to book the trip, answering every question that anyone could possibly ask was answered. I have the nickname from Captain Rusty "a true boyscout", doing all my homework. Well, all this homework paid off because this crew is pure gold, as if hitting the lotto of fishing trips. My husband and Vanue, and Krishna, and myself were in fishing heaven. Even though I did get sea sick, I would not have missed this for the world (27 BIG Mahi, one ono, lots of the tuna, and a shark, and aku? and lots of shibi). I will leave the fishing story for my husband Mark to post as he tells a much better story than I do. I do know when I come back to Oahu, we will be rebooking with this crew. Even if we had not caught all the fish that we did, I still would compliment this crew and recommend them for any fishing trip. I also need to add that Captain Rusty and First Mate Scott's parents are very neat people and have raised two great son's. Thank you for making this such a golden memory on our silver anniversary. If any one has any questions about booking a fishing trip with Captain Rusty and first mate Scott I would be more than happy to tell you if you don't book with this crew you have truly missed an opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks so much I had a great time....Kim Gates

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