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Date: Thursday Nov 14, 113 12:47:21 PM
Name: The Montero's
Email: raiderboy81@hotmail.com

Aloha Captain Steve and Scott, we had a great time fishing with you guys a few weeks back! You guys did a great job putting us on the fish, we caught a big mahi mahi, a nice yellow tail, and about a dozen skipjack, you guys are definitley the top of the list when visiting north shore! Great company on a great day of fishing we can't thank you enough!
see you on the next one!
Mahalo from the nor cal crew!
Steve, Tammi, Joey, Dave, and Tracy

Date: Wednesday Nov 6, 113 0:28:29 AM
Name: Linda McAfee
Email: grannylinda911@yahoo.com

Thanks so much for a great day fishing.  Great catch for even a half day.  Thanks Scott for helping this granny get them in.  Thanks Steve for all the extra infor about the island.  To Scott's wife, sorry about being so skeptical about booking on line, but it was ALL that you said, just had to check you out.  Sure we will be hooking up next year.  Thanks again......

Date: Friday Oct 18, 113 2:58:13 PM
Name: Tara Soleta
Email: hapa0701@aol.com

Captain Steve and Scott!  Thank you for helping my dad have a memorable fishing excursion!  I love how he was able to color coordinate his attire to match his first catch!  I was disappointed that the seas didn'€™t agree with me, but Captain Steve was great company : )  My dad now has the Kuuloa Kai on his list for his next visit, and I have a captain to refer my friends to!


Date: Tuesday Sep 17, 113 8:10:34 PM
Name: Stephanie Manco
Email: @gci.net

Aloha Capt.Scott and Steve!  

Dropping by to thank the two of you for such a wonderful, memorable adventure your charter provided, it was certainly a highlight of our 25th wedding anniversary trip and a true delight for my hubby.  Everyone back in Alaska wanted to hear about the epic fishing trip we went on and we gave them all every single detail.  We have recommended your charter to others and will continue to do so if someone should ever ask in the future. Your services are unprecented and adding to our amazement all of the fish we caught that day (11 fish total) because of all the hard work you both did in preparing, executing and delivering to make sure we had an unforgettable time, we absolutely recieved what we paid for and way beyond more than we could have imagined!  
Again, thank you so much!!

Jim & Stephanie Manco

Date: Tuesday Sep 3, 2013 11:11:53 AM
Name: Devon Parkhurst
Email: devon.parkhurst@gmail.com

Our group wanted to thank you for the excellent time we had on the all day 6 person charter (8/30)! The day was an excellent experience and I would recommend the Kuuloa Kai to any group wishing to have an exciting day and catch some good fish. These guys know where to go, what to use, and how to catch em! Because Scott had a quick reaction to the shadow we saw in the water (assuming it was a large tuna coming after our smaller catch), and threw a live bait fish in the water and in less than a minute we hooked what is not the top weighing yellow fin tuna! The trip was great and all of us had something to take home after.

Devon and Gang

Date: Monday Aug 26, 113 8:54:14 PM
Name: robb schwartz
Email: schwartzrm@sbcglobal.net
Website: http://www,kuuloakai.com

will be staying in mokuleia  july 12th to july 19thand wanted to know if transportation to and from could be arranged buy you or a taxi. (in 2014)

Date: Wednesday Aug 14, 113 12:53:05 PM
Name: Charles Renton
Email: charlesrenton@hotmail.com

So sad to hear the news about Rusty passing away. I have had the pleasure of fishing with you guys 4 times over the years and am hoping to make it 5 this coming winter. Rusty always made the trips special with his knowledge, charm & wit. Along with your help & not to mention no shortage of patience at the other end of the boat the trips were always such a great experience for me, my family and friends who have had the pleasure.
Mahalo Rusty & happy sailing on the other side.

Date: Wednesday Jul 17, 113 9:08:16 AM
Name: Ralph Iseman IV
Email: rjiboxers@hotmail.com

Scott and Steve,

My Dad and I want to thank you for our fishing trip on June 27, 2013.  One of the best birthday presents I've received!  You both were great to be around and full of fishing knowledge.  Hopefully we get a chance to visit Oahu again soon and we'll be sure to book another trip with you guys!  

If you're in Oahu vacationing and interested in deep sea fishing I would highly recommend this crew they're professional and fun which makes the outing awesome!  Keep up the great work it was much appreciated!

Ralph Iseman IV

Date: Monday Jul 8, 113 7:19:59 PM
Name: Steve Manser
Email: mansers001@yahoo.com

I was saddened to hear of Rusty's passing. He was a beautiful man, a real pleasure to be around. The best fishing trips I've ever been on have been with Capt. Rusty at the helm. Fair winds and following seas my friend.

Date: Wednesday Jun 19, 113 12:32:54 PM
Name: Tracy Holt
Email: tholt723@gmail.com

Steve and Scott

Thanks for a great day, I'm glade that this the boat I chose. You guys worked so hard to keep us on the fish. Looking forward for the next trip. Thanks for all you hard work.

Thanks Tracy, Brady, Mikayla Holt.

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