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Date: Friday Apr 8, 2005 10:19:53 PM
Name: Mark Glanding
Email: jdodd11@cox.net

I will be coming to Hawaii, (finally) for nothing but one solid week of fishing and from what I see I will be looking to book a charter with you guys. Can't say exactly when we are coming. This summer.

Date: Saturday Mar 12, 2005 11:59:47 AM
Name: Ray McMillan
Email: raym@montana.com

Captain Rusty

Just got back to Montana and have sent you payment with pay pal thank you for a great trip.  I have sent your website to my friends and told them if they ever get to hawaii to charter with the both of you.  If you get to Montana I will treat you to fishing on the Big Hole river.


Date: Tuesday Mar 1, 2005 6:25:04 PM
Name: Bill Leahy
Email: BJLSU80@aol.com

Dear Captain Rusty and Scot,

   I just got back home and am already infamous among my fishing colleagues back here in New York.  The pictures from our excellent day of fishing have made their rounds amongst our family and friends already.  I just wanted to write you guys and thank you once again for an awesome day of fishing.  The two of you guys really know your stuff and it means a lot to have a good day out there for a bunch of boys from NY who don't get to fish like that too often.  If you guys are ever in New York, drop me an email and we would be honored to take you guys out for drinks and maybe even a few fish eyeballs.  Mahalo.

Bill Leahy
Ryan Tranchida
Sean McCahill and
Justin Scott

Date: Wednesday Feb 16, 2005 1:35:58 PM
Name: RICHARD CAMERON, Half Moon Bay fisherman
Email: richardcameron@earthlink.net; hmbfisherman1@yahoo.com

Still looking for a trip with you hope we can do it this year.  Local cell phone 650 678 1655.  Will be hear to 28 Feb.


Date: Tuesday Jan 25, 2005 7:48:07 AM
Name: John,Mary,Jeannette
Email: Hogfinder2@aol.com

Hi Rusty and Scott! We are finelly home and I just whanted to take the time to thank you both for the great fishing day!!! I guess that was the last good day of the season? What a way to end the year!Rusty would you please give me the names of the boats again in Maui or there web sites! Hope all is well with you'r family and you both have a great season in 2005. Hogfinder!

Date: Thursday Jan 6, 2005 7:39:54 PM
Name: frank bantz
Email: kbantz@aol.com

To all serious fishermen this boats for you.
  Captain Rusty rates up there in the top of all guides that I have fished with and that's quit a lot, from all over the world.
 Thanks again Scot and Rusty for a unbelievable day on the water

PS. The checks in the mail

Date: Saturday Jan 1, 2005 10:28:58 AM
Name: ColoradoCliff
Email: owensclifford@hotmail.com

Just getting excited.  Happy New Year and we will touch base with you on the morning of Jan 9, for a planned trip on Wed Jan 12.  Looking forward to it.  Hope the weather is good and the fish are hungry.

Date: Saturday Dec 11, 2004 9:41:05 AM
Name: Greg Potwin
Email: gpot1@yahoo.com

Just one more Mahi and I think we've got it. Best day fishing EVER! See you in June.
Greg Potwin

Date: Thursday Dec 9, 2004 10:41:27 PM
Name: Ed Meek
Email: porterpegs@yahoo.com

Rusty and gang...remember the Meek's from 2003, me, Sue, kids Jason, Carrie, Chris? Caught some great fish, had a great time which we still talk about. My son Jason recently returned from Iraq, a hero in our opinion and military according to medals he received..He is now in Korea and going to Afghanistan in March. Jason asked if I visited web site so I thought I would.

Date: Wednesday Dec 8, 2004 2:28:09 PM
Name: Kelly & Jason Sandusky
Email: ksandusky@micron.com

Rusty and Scot -
Just wanted to thank you for a couple great days of fishing!  We had a fabulous time and will definitely recommend you to friends.  We hope to be back again to fish with you.  I may even try an eyeball next time! :)  Mahalo

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