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Date: Wednesday Apr 12, 2006 5:16:47 AM
Name: The Santa Maria Family
Email: Ray @pccats.com
Website: http://pccats.com

Rusty and Scott-
Thanks for a great day of fishing, even though we didn't make catch the big one you guys run a first class operation.Rusty's smile and Scot's dry humor make for a great conbonation. You made our Clark Griswald vacation very special. With the 6 out of 8 days of rain, Waikiki beach wher we were staying had the ocean closed due to a massive sewage leak, no sun, no surf, no real fun for the kids, Wally World was just not what we expected.You two made our trip. Rusty being a VERY long time friend from high school made the day even better. The Robin,Renee and Rachael say Aloha.
The Santa Maria's

Date: Friday Jan 6, 2006 8:51:11 PM
Name: Guy Hicklin
Email: ghicklin@mn.rr.com

Rusty and Scott

Nate and I would like to thank you for a great trip and one of the most memorable fishing experiences I have ever had.  Even though the “big one” got away (800+ marlin), the two of you went beyond human efforts to try to bring that big girl to the boat.  I never saw anything like it!  This is a fishing tale that will endure time.  

We did however grill up the Ahi we caught that night for the family.  What a treat.  After battling 6 hours with that marlin, Nate and I even hiked up Diamond Head the next day!  It will take a few weeks to recover from this vacation!  Thanks again for the fantastic outing.  

Guy Hicklin, Minnesota

Date: Monday Jan 2, 2006 9:25:50 PM
Name: John, Annette and Mary Murray
Email: rjohnmurray@hotmail.com

Hi Rusty and Scott

See the buoy is still producing the goods. We just got back to England and wanted to say the Ono and the Ahi we Barbequed on Lanakai Beach hours after reeling them in were excellent.

11 years now with you guys, 4 trips, and plenty of fish later we can only say we look forward to our next trip, its worth th 18 trip on its own.

For those reading this that are trying to decide if Kuuloakai is the boat for you, read the reports and see for yourself. These guys are great fisherman.

See you soon

John, Annette and Mary

PS It was 34 fish plus the trigger by the way on the day!!

Date: Monday Dec 19, 2005 12:44:10 PM
Name: Mike Johnson
Email: michael@mjarchllc.com

Highly recommended boat and crew.  Great booking communication and the Spencer brothers know their boat, know these seas and know how to translate hard work and vast aquired wisdom into exceptional days.  To anyone used to freshwater, the best advice is to work out hard before you come, or risk losing truly expectionally strong and large fish.

All the best guys!!! Mahalo!!!

Date: Wednesday Dec 7, 2005 10:04:07 AM
Name: jeremy coddington
Email: fish@pacific.net

Hey Rusty an Scott
I've been out three times with you guys in the past ....Always the best day..My sister and brother in law wanted to fish while in the islands but have had bad experencies several times..I promised them "rusty an scott get fish".....They went out Nov. 30 .....Had an great time!!! Great job! You guys cant miss..
I'll be over Dec 13- 25 hopping to get out with you then...
thanks for workin hard

Date: Wednesday Nov 30, 2005 10:41:09 AM
Name: Michael Vaughan
Email: kvclan63@hotmail.com


I was explaining Mahi Mahi to a coworker and you came up in a google-search.  As a former resident of Oahu (25 years) it was great to see your site, see peoples' comments in your guest book, and see some of the great species I fished while living there.

Houston, TX has nothing on Hawaii, but it is home for now.  Thanks for giving me another glimpse of my "real" home.  Can't wait to get back...

Date: Tuesday Oct 25, 2005 3:09:26 PM
Name: richard m. affourtit
Email: powerless2@bellsouth.net

Dear Capt.Rusty & 1st Mate Scott,
Diane & I want to thank you for a wonderful fishing expeience.We cooked and ate fresh mahi our entire stay on Oahu thanks to you guys.MMmmm.Great eating your own catch ! You gentleman sure know your business...Thank you for the time of our lives.  Rich & Diane

Date: Friday Sep 30, 2005 1:45:36 PM
Name: Dave
Email: n503cabin@yahoo.com

If you want to catch fish,go out with these guys. had a great time.I will be fishing with you guys again. Thanks for a great day.

Date: Tuesday Jul 5, 2005 5:39:22 PM
Name: Joe & Ben Toppi
Email: Josephtoppi@adelphia.net

Dear Captain Rusty and Scott,

We had the best time fishing with you guys!!!  We didn't catch the Marlin that I had hoped to catch, however we did catch alot of fish including a Mahi-Mahi that was awesome bringing in.

To the people who are looking to charter a fishing boat while in Oahu... These are the guys you are looking to fish with (Real Fishermen). They are very professional and have the knowledge and gear to get you the big ones. Catching several large Sharks (over 7') was awesome!!!

My son and I had the best time of our lives!!!

Thanks again.

Joe & Ben Toppi

Date: Monday May 2, 2005 9:12:32 PM
Name: Michael Hinkle
Email: myhinkle@ruralnet.org

What a combination...Captain Rusty's professionalism and Scot's enthusiasm!!  We had a memorable fishing experience and we hope to charter with you again next year.  We highly recommend the Kuuloa Kai to any and all.  Thanks!!
Michael Hinkle    Ellenboro, West Virginia
Jason Hinkle       Beaverton, Oregon

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