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Date: Monday Jul 31, 2006 12:45:36 PM
Name: Brian Gordon
Email: gordoncb@sbcglobal.net

Rusty and Scott,
Thank you for a great fishing experience.  I have gone on many guided Deep Sea Fishing Charters and I have to say this was the best.   You were professional and fun to be with.  It was nice to be able to take my wife and kids out there and not worry about them having fun.   The Shark tour was AWESOME.  I still have not finished telling stories about that.  

Thanks again for a great time.  You will always have my recommendation.

Brian Gordon and Family
Oklahoma City, OK

Date: Tuesday Jul 18, 2006 12:31:41 PM
Name: Tom Misuraca
Email: tomdaps@yahoo.com

Sorry I took so long getting back to you guys - I was on my honeymoon....We had a great time fishing. The eyeball thing still grosses me out though. OK my wife was more adventurous that I. The next time we come to Hawaii you can bet that we will be chartering the Kuuloa Kai again. What an awesome time we had. 9 mahi mahi and 3 ono. We did OK. Thank guys. We will be back.
Tom & Mary Misuraca
San Antonio, TX.

Date: Friday Jul 14, 2006 2:07:41 AM
Name: Randy Enders
Email: randyenders@comcast.net

What a great HONEST website!  My interest is peaked.  My fam and I will be on North Shore the last week of August.  Hopefully a day of fishing is in order.  Talk soon.

Date: Thursday Jun 29, 2006 6:57:28 AM
Name: Joe Stewart
Email: ReefRanger@hawaii.rr.com


BOB: I canít thank you enough for your help over the weeks in coordinating my recent charter with Rusty and Scot there in Haliewa. I enjoyed meeting and fishing with them both this past Monday (6/26), and the two young brothers from Florida (i.e., brothers Russell and Kevin) were also "good fun"! Best wishes to the three of you for continued success there at Ku'uloa Kai Charters in the years ahead.

RUSTY: Thanks for sharing so much of your hard-earned fishing knowledge with me, and thanks also for making it such a rewarding trip for all concerned. I canít thank you enough for your efforts in that regard. Youíre a great guy and a great Skipper. Unfortunately, given your responsibilities up on the bridge, I wasnít able to spend as much time talking with you as I would have liked, but you were very gracious with your time and insights, and I learned plenty in the process! The many tips you shared, helped answer some of my most long-standing questions about the techniques applied to offshore fishing here in Hawaii, and I look forward now to applying what Iíve learned with friends and family in the years ahead. Thanks also for going the extra mile out there on the water. Although we werenít able to chase down any of the big ones known to lurk out there, you certainly did your part in searching for them the entire day (i.e., navigating from buoy to buoy and applying all possible techniques (i.e., trolling, bridling, chunking, etc.). As a result, we had a very full, active day of excellent (and extremely fun) fishing including a close-up look at those Galapagos sharks. Thanks for everything Rusty!

SCOT: A most genuine and Ďmondoí mahalo to you for all your efforts my-friend! You were pleasant, knowledgeable, accommodating, and Ďtirelessí beyond belief out there! Because of Rustyís navigational activities up top, you ended-up taking the brunt of my interrogations on fishing techniques and tips throughout the course of the day, and to your credit, you did so without a peep. This speaks volumes about you, and I canít thank you enough for making the trip such a truly enjoyable experience. No matter how detailed the questions were, you readily answered most anything and everything I wanted to know about tackle, equipment or tactics with boundless enthusiasm and a pleasant demeanor. Thanks for that Scot, and thanks also for the extensive knowledge you shared. I canít even Ďbeginí to tell you how much I learned from you and Rusty in the process. After arriving home that evening, it took me over an hour just to jot down my preliminary thoughts!

A Hui Hou!

Joe Stewart
Kailua, Hawaii

Date: Thursday Jun 15, 2006 12:12:49 PM
Name: Jonoel Bulseco
Email: jjbb228@yahoo.com

Hi guys. I just happen to drop by your website while searching for a relative in Hawaii. My name is also Jojo Bulseco with the same name as one of your members, I suppose. I will be going to Hawaii on September and I would appreciate any contact detail of Jojo Bulseco of Hawaii. Thanks!

Date: Tuesday Jun 13, 2006 4:36:03 PM
Name: Gary/Brian/Rusty/Kevin/Andy
Email: gcottos@aol.com

Sorry I didnít mail you guys sooner but the fishing trip with you two guys was awesome. We chartered with you guys on Thursday April 20th. We had the best time, even with the 10 to 12 foot waves. 1st Mate Scott was obsessed with making every catch enjoyable. If people want to catch fish this is the charter to go on. I recommend you guys to anyone who wants to catch fish.  You guys know your stuff. We had 3 poles hooked at the same time. The 65lb tuna that ended up being 25lbs after the shark got it on the way in was something to see. This charter was definitely the highlight of our first trip to Hawaii. We are still laughing and telling the stories of the trip. By writing the letter so late, it shows that we still have great memories of the day spent fishing with you too. If we make it back to Hawaii your charter will be the first thing we book.
Great Job
Gary Cottos, Ohio

Date: Wednesday May 24, 2006 5:54:50 PM
Name: Ulana
Email: Ulana77@aol.com

Captain Rusty & 1st Mate Scot!!!! You guys are something else you definitely know your stuff! I had the best fishing experience ever with you guys I've fished Mexico and Kauai and this by far was the best trip!!! Captain Rusty and his phenomenal manuevering of the boat and fish spotting and 1st Mate Scot with his action packed luring and hooking and baiting and everything else. I learned the most from these guys than I have with any other trip.  You guys make a terrific team!! I thank you both so much and recommend you to anyone and everyone who wants to really fish the Hawaiian waters on the coolest boat around with the coolest crew!! Woohooo!!! Thanks so much for everything! Hopefully I'll see you again soon!!! You guys are the best! Have fun in the tournament! Hang Loose- Ulana...oh and Veatch too (yeah what happened to the top billing???)  : )

Date: Friday Apr 28, 2006 3:36:39 PM
Name: Allen and Diane George
Email: roydunlaps@yahoo.com

Rusty and Scott,
You two are the best crew and most knowledgable fisherman that we've been out with.  We would really like to thank you two for a great day on the water.  If we get back we will be going out with you two again.  Thanks for cleaning my bucket!!!!  You get a lot of brownie points for that!  

Thanks again.  Allen and Diane George,  Roy, Utah

Date: Tuesday Apr 18, 2006 3:54:12 PM
Name: Jason Oppelt
Email: argonjo@yahoo.com

Rusty and Scott,
Thank you so much for an unbelievable day which I will remember for a long time, the sharks, whales, high winds, beautiful scenery, and big waves made the trip well worth it, and then add on top of that the awesome fishing we had, words really cant describe how much fun and how much I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip. The fish were coming in so fast at times I was huffing and puffing reeling them all in and I consider myself in good shape, what a workout. Thanks again Rusty and Scott I'll be telling all my friends about you guy's and if you guy's accidentally end up in Wisconsin for some God forsaken reason I'll be happy to take you to my favorite fishing hole. Sincerely Jason Oppelt.

Date: Friday Apr 14, 2006 9:09:01 PM
Name: Ray Santa Maria
Email: ray@pccats.com
Website: http://pccats.com

Rusty and Scott-
Thanks again for making our trip great. Like I said before, I felt like I was Clark Griswald during our vacation looking for Wally World but all we found was the monsoon and polluted waters. Sorry for not using my spell check on my last message but you two make a great combo. If anybody out there wants to go out and go for  the real deal contact Captian Rusty. He knows were to go, what lures to use and what is waiting for his fishing lines.The folks that went after us is proof that it is more than luck. I run a powder skiing operation in Utah and our clients rely on our knowledge to find them the goods. Rusty and Scott do the same thing and it is always a treat to see you booth in or out of the water.Hope to join you soon.We shall  return.

Aloha Ray,Robin,Renee and Rachael Santa Maria

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