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Date: Friday Oct 3, 114 12:34:57 PM
Name: Buddy Heath
Email: heathcliff2833@yahoo.com

Aloha Captain Rusty and Scott,

My fishing date was April 28, 2003. I just want you guys to know you're still in my heart. I'm still a big time, big game enthusiast . Of all the times I've been deep sea fishing in Mexico. Elk hunting in Arizona, and New Mexico.  Deer hunting in Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Missouri. My fishing trip with you guys ranks at the top of my thirty plus sporting adventures. I sincerely want you guys to know you preform a service that lasts a life time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and appreciate the pinnacle to reach for each time I plan a new adventure. I hope to see you guys again someday.

Date: Wednesday Jun 11, 114 8:58:07 PM
Name: chris colburn
Email: colburnc49@yahoo.com

Aloha Scot, Hunter and CPT. Steve, I like to thank you guys for the fun day of fishing in big blue. We had a blast fishing in the ocean for our first time. Man did we catch some nice fish for our first time out. The next time I'm out on the island, you will be getting a call from me go back out once more. An anyone ask me to "Who" to call for big game fishing. I'll say. call Scott at Kuuloakai sport fishing on the North Shore.

Thank you guys
Chris, Fountain Colordo

Date: Wednesday May 7, 114 10:23:54 AM
Name: Carlie and Josh
Email: carlieandrea@gmail.com
Website: www.carlieanddoni.com

BEST DAY EVER!!!! We had the most amazing time fishing with Kuuloa Kai!! Not only did we catch a TON of fish but we saw a whale, sharks, turtles, blow fish and got an amazing boat ride with fantastic company! It was a day we will never forget and we can't wait to go back next time we are in Oahu!!

Date: Thursday Apr 10, 114 1:28:10 PM
Name: Shalane Francis
Email: laneysmf07@hotmail.com

Aloha Scott and Steve!
We had a amazing time fishing with you a couple weeks ago! It was a experience we will never forget. Cannot wait to go again! So glad Jeff picked up the phone and called. Even with the short notice you were able to fit us in, thank you! We will be calling next time we are on the island.
Shalane, Jeff & Dan.

Date: Thursday Mar 20, 114 9:23:00 PM
Name: Larry Stoltz
Email: L_Stoltz9@hotmail.com
Website: http://kuuloakai.com

 Scott and Steve were great. The people on the boat were so excited and the men on this boat knew where too go. We ended up catching a 300 lb Blue Marlin, 5 Mahi Mahi and 2  Tuna. We could not have asked or found a better boat to rent with people who knew what and where to catch fish. The crew also put us in an area and saw sharks and whales. Great trip and memories for the whole family.

Date: Monday Mar 10, 114 3:06:55 PM
Name: David Forbes
Email: david.forbes@gmail.com

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Barely describes how much fun we had with Capt Steve & Scot.  The trip was awesome, we had 20-25'+ swells, the boat was rocking but that didn't slow us down at all.  This was the second time I have used Kuuloa Kai.  I was bragging about my first trip and am currently bragging about my second as well.  If anyone is considering fishing in Oahu these are the ONLY guys to use, they are 100% professional, knowledgeable and we felt like we were fishing with our buddies.

Thanks again Capt. Steve and Scot

Date: Thursday Mar 6, 114 5:09:26 PM
Name: Joe Manning
Email: joem@conradbischoff.com
Website: http://kuuloakai,com

Scott and Steve were terrific.  They worked real hard to put us on fish, and indeed we caught several.  It was like fishing with good friends.  When we come back to Hawaii we will definitely book with them.  Thanks again for a wonderful day on the ocean.

Date: Tuesday Mar 4, 114 9:43:41 AM
Name: Kabet Sterk
Email: ksterkmd@comcast.net

Once again, guys, thanks for a fabulous time fishing.  Always professional and never any unpleasant surprises.  Anyone who can make things enjoyable for a non-fishing person like my wife so that she looks forward to this trip as much as I do is doing outstanding work.  We'll keep coming back and eventually get that billfish.

Date: Saturday Feb 22, 114 5:34:59 PM
Name: David Kent
Email: davidkent79@nearctic.ca

Captain Steve and Scott took us on fabulous day fishing! We got to see sharks, whales, and catch a ton of fish thanks to these guys. We were lucky enough to get the first marlin of the season, and a whole bunch of tuna. They even gave us a great recipe for cooking the fishing, which was amazing. We truly got the best experience possible, and would not go to any one else. We hope to be back to Hawaii soon, and will definitely spend another day fishing with these two! Thanks again!

Date: Friday Feb 7, 114 1:32:38 AM
Name: Chris Shen
Email: mastashen@yahoo.com

Scot and Capt Steve,

Thanks so much for another fantastic trip. This was my third time out with Kuuloa Kai, and as always, you guys delivered. I greatly appreciate your effort and enthusiasm, as well as you sharing your in-depth knowledge of fishing the area. A special thanks this time for putting in the extra effort to make sure that my wife felt welcome and accommodated on her first offshore fishing trip. I look forward to fishing with you again the next time we visit!

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