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Date: Wednesday Dec 19, 118 11:04:03 AM
Name: Shawn Jansen
Email: shawanjansen@comcast.net

A big thank you to Scot and Capt Steve!   We had a great time and you put us on the fish!   I would highly recommend any experienced or novice fisherman to book with this charter!  They crew works extra hard the whole time and go out of their way to make everything right and comfortable!   Thanks again and we will book again the next time on the island!

Date: Sunday Jun 24, 118 4:07:06 PM
Name: Phillip Dimmer
Email: pjdimmer@protonmail.com

Thank you Scott and Steve for a fantastic trip! You made our outing the highlight of our trip to Oahu.  My son can't stop talking about how much fun he had and the fact he was the first of our group to bring in a Mahi made it that much more special.  A full day is definitely the way to go and when we come back, that is what we are going to do.  Your expertise on the water is what made the trip.  Mahalo for a great time!!!!
Phillip, Ken and Nick

Date: Saturday Jun 23, 118 9:28:36 PM
Name: Michelle Spencer
Email: michelle1belle@yahoo.com

Testing Guestbook

Date: Friday Dec 2, 116 10:43:25 PM
Email: RAIDERWLL@aol.com

Nov 28 2016
We had a great time fishing with Scott and his crew
We caught a total of 26 Mahi Mahi
2 1/2 Tuna the shark caught the other half of my tuna and 1 Blue Marlin
My grandsons Nick and Anthony had a ball
We are already making plans for fishing with Scott next year
We where very very pleased
Thank you
Bill, Nick, Anthony

Date: Wednesday Mar 16, 116 4:02:39 PM
Name: Patryk
Email: fisheyedeals@gmail.com
Website: http://www.fisheyedeals.com


I came here by accident, but i'm sure when i will be in Hawai'i i will go fishing with you :).


Date: Wednesday Mar 2, 116 10:04:27 PM
Name: Geoff
Email: hello@fishermensangle.com
Website: http://fishermensangle.com

What can I say? Captain Steve and the crew made us feel welcome and paid extra attention to ensure we enjoyed every moment. Loved talking tackle all day with the crew and my wife managed to snag a small Mahi Mahi and I was lucky enough to hook 6 tuna. Thanks again for a perfect holiday and we will definitely be back. - Geoff & Maggie

Date: Wednesday Feb 18, 115 5:07:58 PM
Name: Rick Walczyk
Email: rushfordrick@yahoo.com

Captain Steve and first mate Scott, nothing bonds a family, friends or a marriage better then doing things together. Our day we spent on your boat was something that will never leave our soul. The first time our trip was canceled many years ago do to bad weather and the almost spiritual trip we had this past Tuesday was as if Rusty was with us making sure everything went as he would like. Right from the get go everyone felt at ease and were treated as if we were friends and not customers. I have been on other charters and have never seen anyone work so hard to keep the action up as Scott. I think his first and only break was when we were actually coming in.
Captain Steve is an encyclopedia of worldly knowledge. He was a pleasure to listen to and was interested in us as much as we were with him and Scott.
To top all of this off we had none stop fishing action.
Looking forward for our return visit.
Aloha my friends.  

Date: Tuesday Nov 11, 114 7:11:46 PM
Name: Mitch Smith
Email: ccatdogralph@gmail.com

Me and my wife went fishing with these guys on 11/11/2014. A person couldn't ask for a better experience. The whole crew on the boat were very nice, we had a blast talking and fishing with them. I had one of my best days of fishing ever with these guys. Me and my wife caught 15 Mahi Mahi and 9 tuna and we couldn't have been any happier.  Thanks for a unforgettable fishing trip, it was a blast- Mitch & Angie

Date: Monday Oct 13, 114 1:59:17 PM
Name: Dr Gernot Wittling
Email: Dr.Gernot.Wittling@t-online.de

Aloha Scot, Capt. Steve and Hunter,

I have already fished at many places around the world but fishing with you guys was one of its best.
Many thanks again for these four unforgettable fishing days.



Date: Monday Oct 13, 114 8:48:18 AM
Name: Rainer Heffenträger
Email: rainer.heffentrger330@g-mail.com

Aloha Cpt. Steve, Scot and Hunter,

Fishing with you guys was an absolute highlight of my fishing career. We caught plenty of fish together, and besides, I caught my personal best, a 349 lbs. blue marlin. These guys worked so unbelievably hard to get us to the right spots and put some very decent fish on our lines. My uncle and I really appreciated all your effort and knowledge you guys put into this awesome fishing trip. At this point, the only thing which is left for me to say is, thank you so much for all you've done. I'm really looking forward to be fishing with you again.


Rainer & Gernot

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